Ways To Prevent Cavities

4 Ways To Prevent Cavities

Does your child indulge in too many sweets? Do you want to prevent any episode of cavities for them? Then read on to know more about preventing cavities. According to Scientists, we should not be consuming more than 7 teaspoons of sugar a day. But with the availability of sugary drinks and processed food, each of us ends up consuming exorbitant amounts of sugar every day. And most of this happens without even us realizing. As parents, you can make sincere attempts to reduce the sugar intake in your child’s diet. But no matter what you do popular culture will always drive you against this practice. So here a few ways through which you prevent cavities.

1) Use Fluoride

Fluoride works well in combating cavities and tooth decay. It reduces the ability of the bacteria to make acid, thereby preventing mineral loss to the tooth enamel. It replaces lost minerals in the teeth. You either opt for a fluoride toothpaste or drink water containing fluoride or a fluoride mouth rinse.

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