Everything You Must Know About Flossing And Mouthwashes

Flossing And MouthwashesMaintaining dental hygiene is extremely crucial to keep your mouth clean and free from diseases and other problems like bad breath. Good oral hygiene cannot be maintained by only brushing your teeth twice a day. No matter how well or for how long you brush your teeth, you need to include flossing and use an appropriate mouthwash in your dental cleaning regime. Let’s dig deeper and talk about floss and mouthwash in detail.

What Type of Floss is the Best?

Generally, there are two main types of dental floss – waxed and unwaxed. There’s no difference in the cleaning power of these floss types, but the effectiveness differs. Waxed floss are better as they easily glide into the tighter nooks between your teeth. But if you are allergic to wax, the unwaxed floss is your solution.

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